Welcome to vctylr.com!

A Fresh Start

Hello and welcome to vctylr.com! I am so pleased to finally be writing this post! I’m sure you can tell by the exclamation marks! If you’re seeing this, it may be that you used to follow my old blog; describethesky.co.uk.

I had been feeling the need for a big change for a while for quite a few reasons. My blog had become stale. I was writing mainly about beauty, the odd bit of lifestyle and reviews. It would feel like this massive chore to blog because I didn’t enjoy what I was writing. I had mentioned on my old blog that I got a new job, I’m now working 40 hours a week as a spa therapist. Up until this week, I was also at college one day a week which left me with one day to myself. That one day would roll around and I was taking photos for posts I didn’t really want to write. It hit me one day, who am I doing that for? It was the same day that I took the these photos, I was thinking “I need to put make up on, get dressed, do my hair etc” then I stopped and thought why do I… so you have me in my tracksuit bottoms, no make up and unbrushed hair. That’s real life, I don’t want to spend my days off doing things to please other people, I want to do what I want to do.


I did think about keeping my old blog and just changing the content. I tried to change the content a few times, but one way or another I would fall back into old traps. When I started describethesky, I had no intention of writing about beauty and I didn’t really know that blogging was a thing. I started it in 2012 so 5 and a half years ago and blogging was a whole different entity then. It was a far more relaxed and personal past time. There were still big blogs around but not to the extent they are now, they’re more like the pages of vogue now. They are beautiful, slick websites and I enjoy reading them but that’s not me. I want to go back to old blogging, just with better photography and a little more structure than I had then.

For months, I tried to think of a new name. I tried a million things to come up with a new online persona. I thought about using my whole name but it was too long. Nothing that I came up with felt right. I landed on vctylr as it’s Vic Taylor (first name and middle name) without the vowels. It can’t be more me than my name!

What Can You Expect?

Content wise, there is going to be a lot more laid back, life type things on the blog. I want it to become a sort of online journal. I enjoy photography and art, there are a lot of home improvements that need doing in our house so expect to see those. I might introduce clothing type posts but in a more laid back manner though. I still enjoy beauty, it’s literally my job, so if I feel like writing about beauty I will. I just want my blog to be my space to post whatever I feel like. I want to blog the things I do and not do things just to blog them. I don’t want to be playing catch up with others anymore. This is me.

I’m not 100% happy with the images on my home page at the moment so expect to see those change. There is a portfolio section on my home page too which I’m going to keep updating with my latest images. I’m also not set on this theme either, I might change it in the future. Please do let me know if you like it!

So that’s the jist of it really! The same me but a bit more candid. I hope you enjoy it and stick around to see where we go.

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