Derwent Reservoir.

One Saturday afternoon in April, my dad and I decided to go for a walk. Not your average, sort of 40 minute walk. We drove out to Derwent reservoir which is about 20/30 minute drive away, got our walking boots on and set out to walk around the whole reservoir. It’s about a 10 mile walk around the whole thing.

I took my dslr with me and it made me so happy to go on a nice long walk in the country side, snapping as I please. It’s days like those that make me really love taking photographs again. It was the nicest Saturday afternoon in a long time. Much better than rushing around the shops. Walking, taking photos and talking crap with my dad.

I really love taking photos and sharing them so I hope you like these types of post. There’s no big story to tell along with them, no moral to the story, just a sunny afternoon in April in the country.

Author: vctylr