Perfectly Undone.

There’s just something about the imperfect. It’s more interesting, there’s more character, a story behind it. I mean, I could try to convince myself that about all the diy we still have left to do in our house but that’s different haha.

An unmade bed is so much more inviting, more so than a made bed. Everything where you left it, ready for you to crawl back in and resume sleep. The covers thrown back from leaping out in the morning or ruffled up sheets from a lazy afternoon.

Like I mentioned earlier, we still have so much to do in our house but little bits are coming together. I love our living room, it’s so cosy. So much work has gone into it, mainly done by us. I found photos the other day of what the fire place was like and I might do a post about it.

Speaking of undone, I’m still in two minds about changing blog layout but I’m leaning towards doing it. I’m really enjoying this more free style of blogging. It’s like a weight off my mind, no stress but there when I want it.

I love being able to paint my nails again. I couldn’t for 3 years because of work but boy, am I making up for it now! They’re a little grown out here and they aren’t perfect but that was my second attempt at marble and chrome, pretty pleased with them!

I got my hair done just before my birthday. I went blonder and got a fringe cut in. I was unsure about a fringe but thought screw it, it’s only hair. It’s more of a choppy, messy style which I prefer because, as you can tell, that is more my style of hair. I’m not a sleek kind of girl. I look like Garth from Wayne’s World and I am not mad about that.

Party on, Wayne.

Author: vctylr