An Intermission.

Hello!ย Remember me?..

So I started this new blog of mine full of inspiration, full of ideas and full of life… then as per usual, time just ran away with me. Here we are over two months later and the tumbleweeds may as well be rolling.

I wish I could tell you that something super exciting has happened in the past two months to take up most of my time but honestly there isn’t anything to tell! It turns out that working 40 hours is just pretty tiring and I’m not that great at time management. I thought about deleting my blog all together but I’m going to have another bash at it. I started this new blog with the idea of it being to suit me, so if I’ve not used it for the last two months, who cares!

I still enjoy taking nice photos and I like having somewhere to vent, somewhere to go if I want to. I still have post ideas that I wrote down when I started this blog that I just haven’t got round to posting yet.

I did decide to change the layout and I’m much happier with it now. That took a little while to get right so although I may not have been posting, I was doing behind the scenes changes which can take up just as much time sometimes. But it definitely didn’t take up two months

I just need to manage my time a bit better and hopefully it wont be another two months before the next post!

Author: vctylr