My Story

Hello and welcome to! My name is Victoria and I’ve been blogging for approximately 5 years, formally at I wasn’t happy with where my blog was headed and I’d felt the need for a change for a while, so I bit the bullet and did it!

I had felt tied to routine that didn’t suit me anymore. I’d try to break free from writing about the same old things but I would fall back into the trap of it so a change was needed to step into a more free and easy style of blogging. In a hark back to my rebellious days, I just want to do what I want and when I want to. I want to bring back the fun and enjoyment back to my blog.

If you think of some of the big blogs as the shiny pages of a high class fashion magazines, this is the scrawled notes inside a doodled on diary. This is my place online to pour out my thoughts, feelings, creations and adventures. An online journal to document what’s happening in my life.