4 Things I’ve Loved Recently.


I mean how good has the weather been. Up here in Newcastle (like much of the UK), we’ve had like a good solid 3 week stretch of beautiful weather. It’s been so nice to have guaranteed sunshine and not have to check the weather forecast. Saying that, the last couple days it’s been raining but it’s nice that the rain isn’t the norm. It feel like we’re having an actual summer. Get outdoors and make the most of it!



I must of watched this cartoon network mini-series about 3 or 4 times now and I’ll never tire of it. It’s on Netflix and it’s 10 10-minute episodes. It’s cute and creepy and has a pretty dark edge for a kids show. You follow Greg and Wirt, two brothers journey through the unknown to find their way home. It has a 20’s folk feel to it and it’s just really worth watching, I laughed and cried. I 100% recommend it.


I was listening to the music from Over The Garden Wall on Spotify and you know when you get to the end of an album and a recommended radio starts playing, this band came up on that. I haven’t stopped listening to them since. They’re a folk-punk band who sing about a load of different stuff. I don’t know what other band to liken them too but if you’re down for an erratically sang songs with an acoustic guitar then give them a listen.


If you follow me on Instagram (@vctylr) then you might of seen, more so on my stories, that I’ve been trying to paint a little more. I’ve said a few times that I really enjoy art and being creative but its hard to find the time. I’ve made a little more effort to recently and I’m really pleased that I have. I’m not claiming to have made master pieces or anything but it’s good to make things again. I have a couple paintings planned that I want to do and after a not so successful attempt of acrylic pouring, I want to give it another go and hopefully get a better outcome. The videos on Instagram make it look so easy and the results are stunning.

I’m also just in the mood to post at the moment so I wrote this post on my phone while on the bus on the way to work one morning. Unfortunately, I think my laptop has finally snuffed it though. Like it’s had a good 7 year run which I think is the best I’ve ever got out of a laptop but now after about 5 minutes of being on it just freezes. So I’m not loving that but we’ll see, maybe it won’t be forever in between posts this time.

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