Reflecting On 2017.

2017 has been one of the best years in a long time for me. Taking time to reflect over the last 12 months has made me realise just how good this year has been so I’m going to share some highlights with you.

It started with joining Slimming World in January. I had wanted to lose weight for a long time and after many failed attempts on my own, I decided enough was enough and joined a local group and I haven’t looked back. In total, I’ve lost 5 and a half stone (although I’ve probably gained a stone back over Christmas!)

I’m not quite where I want to be yet though, I still have a couple more stone to go but I’m proud that I made that leap and I feel better in myself for it. I’ve thought about doing a blog post all about my Slimming World journey but I’m not sure anyone would want to read that… let me know!

I bought a house in December 2016 with my brother and we spent months doing big DIY projects. We sanded and stained the floor boards in 5 rooms, knocked through the old fire and got a wood burner, re done the whole kitchen and painted just about every room in the house. We eventually moved in in April and sure, we still have jobs we could do. Like most people will tell you, it’s an never ending list!

We are getting there, slowly but surely. I think come the new year, we’ll be able to crack on and get some items ticked off the list. I still have photos of the flooring and the fire while they were being done in a folder than I’ve been meaning to do a post on for months, I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing more house related things this year!

I finished my Level 3 Beauty Therapy in June but just before that, I got a job working in a 5 star spa. I started way back in May and for the most part, I still love my job. Don’t get me wrong, every job has it’s days but I enjoy my job and I work with a lovely group of girls.

Before I lost weight, I never would of had the confidence to even apply for the job, never mind go to the interview so when I was told I had the job, I cried! It feels good to know I’m using my qualifications as well. I’ve never looked back since changing career. It’s also full time so it means I’m way better off, considering I only used to do 16 hours.

And finally just before Christmas, I got a new car. I was a little sad to get rid of my Micra. She was my first car, she definitely wasn’t perfect but she was a good little car.

Now I’ve got a 2 year old black Renault Captur and he’s a beauty. He’s called The Captain and I definitely took a selfie with him yesterday for our one week anniversary (for the lolz).


I feel like 2017 is the year that I’ve made shit happen. I got off my arse and I’ve done something with myself. It’s honestly such a lovely feeling to be proud of what I’ve achieved this year and not feel like I’ve wasted another one.

Tell me your highlights of 2017!

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